2020-2021 Class Schedule 

In-Person or Virtual Classes and Private Lessons!

Classes for all levels Ages 2 ½ - adult!


Student level placement is based primarily on age. Dance experience, ability, technique, and dedication will also be considered.

Petite - Ages 2 ½ - 3

Pre - Ages 3-4

Basic - Ages 5-7 (Kindergarten-1st Grade)

Beginner I, II, & III - Ages 7-11 (2nd - 6th Grade) TR

  • Beginner I & II - Ages 7-9 (2nd-3rd Grade)

  • Beginner II & III - Ages 9-11 (4th-6th Grade) TR

Intermediate - Ages 11-18 (7th - 12th Grade) TR

Advanced - Ages 11-18 (7th - 12th Grade) TR

Adult (Beginner or Intermediate/Advanced) TR

Team TR


  • A student who is new to the studio is encouraged to take a free trial class prior to registering to help us appropriately place each student.

  • TR - Beginner II & III, Intermediate, & Advanced level classes require a teacher recommendation.

This schedule is subject to change. Some classes may be added or cancelled depending on enrollment.
Virtual Class Options:
Students can opt to take any class virtually upon request. Students can switch to in-person or virtual at any point (Please notify the studio director at least one week prior to the student's next class).
Private Lessons:
Private Lessons will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Students interested in private lessons must register for a minimum of 1 private lesson per week for 6-8 consecutive weeks. Please find our private lesson rates on our Tuition page.
Class Requirements:
  • Beginner II & III Tuesday Classes: Beginner II & III Tuesday class students are required to register for Ballet. They can register for one of the three options:
  1. Lyrical/Ballet - 1 hour 15 minute class rate
  2.  Ballet/Jazz - 1 hour 15 minute class rate
  3. Lyrical/Ballet/Jazz - 1 hour class rate + 45 minute class rate
  • Beginner/Intermediate Pointé Students: Tuesday Beg/Int Pointé students must take the Int-Adv Ballet Tuesday. Pointé students are required to take two ballet classes a week.
    • Ages (5-8)
      • Team Class

      • 1 Ballet/Jazz or Ballet/Lyrical Combo Class

    • Ages (9-12)

      • Team Class

      • 1 Ballet

      • 1 Lyrical or Jazz

**We recommend team students take 1 private lesson per week. Students who do so, will qualify for a solo routine.**